Dan Tobin Smith

Prop Sourcing and Stylist: Tamzen Grove

Photographer: Dan Tobin Smith


‘The First Law Of Kipple’, photographic print series by Dan Tobin Smith.

A series of six large scale images made as part of ‘The First Law of Kipple’ prior to the installation for London Design Week. The work comprises Dan Tobin Smith’s aesthetic take on the notion of “Kipple”; the endless clutter that builds up in the course of our lives according to sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick.

Sourcing this vast array of props meant months of rummaging through car boot sales and charity shops in search of interesting and inanimate objects.

I enjoyed focussing on colour and the challenge of turning multiple objects into a large-scale paint palette and making the hues blend seamlessly.

It was voted one of Design Week’s best shows.

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